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Some food issues, eating while travelling

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Travelling is a job in itself for some, for others, it is scary, unnecessary and disorganizing. When you travel, you don’t rest, on the contrary, you get more tired, and you discover completely different places, people and even yourself outside the borders of your home or country. However, on the other side, you have opportunities to find out about new cuisines and meet new cultures or people around the world. Eating both healthy and delicious throughout the trip is the most important condition to be able to enjoy every moment of the trip. According to some research results, 80% of travellers attach importance to the variety and taste of food at the rest points and in the places they arrive.

Photo by Elif Ipek Demir for
Photo by Elif Ipek Demir for

The reason for this, of course, is not only the taste. Hygienic and healthy eating alternatives are also very important for you to feel well and fit during the trip. If the trip is going to be abroad, the culinary culture and food of the country we are going to also affect us quite a lot and when it comes to it, we come across with negative issues.

61% of Generation Y travellers choose their vacation destinations not according to ‘what they will see and do’, but according to ‘what they will eat’. Almost half of the respondents say that the most memorable moments are the beautiful dining experiences on vacation. Food is so integrated into many world cultures that it is impossible to ignore this aspect Decently. And if you go to restaurants with extremely familiar cuisine during your trip, you will lose a large part of the pleasure of travelling.

Photo by Elif Ipek Demir for
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However since you are travelling to another country and you will probably eat whole different foods, it is important to check the products. Each country has a different cuisine and different types of products. For example, the herbs that you are eating in your hometown might not be the same in another country. It is better to search for the cuisine and meals of the country that you are travelling to beforehand.

To hear more experiences and stories about eating while travelling, listen to the podcast that I recorded with Ceren. For more podcasts, keep tuned!

On the way, it is often tempting to try something exotic from the local cuisine. However, experts do not recommend doing this. You never know how your body will react to a new food or spice. After a meal with unusual dishes, you may get a “bonus” in the form of allergies, diarrhoea or nausea. So be careful while eating something new to you, always check the ingredients and products inside.

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