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Home: Where Identity and Comfort Intertwine

In our quest to understand the essence of ‘home,’ a study by Ikea, titled “Life at Home,” surveyed 12,000 individuals globally, unraveling the intricate facets of what constitutes ‘Zuhause.’ Surprisingly, only a small fraction—seven percent—associated ‘Zuhause’ with a specific place, while a substantial 37 percent believed it extended beyond the confines of their homes. This shift challenges conventional notions, revealing that ‘home’ transcends mere physical spaces for a significant portion of individuals surveyed.

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KRETZ, Family Real Estate

Agence Kretz is a family French estate agency with a special history. The parents, Olivier and Sandrine, were not originally in the property business. One

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Guess who is the guest?

A podcast episode with Fatma, an international student in Ireland. On this week’s Casual Chatting with Ana podcast, we have a conversation with Fatma. She

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