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10 perks of studying in Griffith College, Ireland

photo by Lizeth Amaya for The Circular

Studying abroad may seem scary, however when you look at the benefits and advantages of the experience its easier to make a decision. If you have considered studying abroad either as an undergraduate or postgraduate students, here are 10 facts that may help you make up your mind.

1.-You see the world with new eyes:

Once you start traveling the world and experiencing other cultures you cannot see the world as you did before. Everything changes. For the better. The world is not too big anymore and you will find that no matter how different we all are, we all have things in common: We are social beings. We all look for love, friendship and enjoy a good laugh, which takes us to number 2

Photo by Lizeth Amaya for The Circular

2.- Fancy having friends from all around the world?

There are currently 32,000 international students in Ireland. Ireland is one of the main study destinations in Europe and you can be certain that you will be sharing this experience with students from all around the world in your classroom. In a class full of students from many cultures, the exchange of ideas and conversations is never boring. How cool is that?!

3.- Quality

All undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas offered by Griffith College are accredited by the QQI (Quality and Qualification Ireland) which is the agency responsible promoting quality in higher education. QQI qualifications are recognised nationally and internationally, which means your degree will definitely be useful around the globe!

4.- Lecturers

Speaking of quality, Griffith College hire successful professionals as lecturers. They really are experts at what they do.

5.- Facilities in campus

All classrooms are comfortable and well equipped with a computer, microphone, and projectors. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic all classrooms are now equipped with a device that measures the oxygen levels to ensure the wellbeing of students and lecturers. Moreover, you will find a radio studio, a TV studio, a photography studio, equipment room, fitness room and much more.

Griffith College TV studio. Photo by Lizeth Amaya for The Circular
Photo by Lizeth Amaya for The Circular

6.- Accommodation

Griffith College has its own halls of residence in campus, providing different types of rooms to adjust to your budget and needs.

7.- Location

Have you thought about studying in The Emerald Isle but haven’t decide where in Ireland would you like to live? Don’t worry, Griffith College has four different campuses: Two in Dublin, one in Cork, and one more in Limerick.

You choose.

8.- English classes

Thinking about studying an undergraduate or postgraduate in English but you don’t feel confident enough? No worries. Griffith college offers English classes for academic purposes (degree pathway programme)

9.-Posgraduate visa

Once you finish an undergraduate programme you are entitled to a one-year work visa to gain professional experience. If you graduate from a postgraduate diploma or a master’s programme, then you are entitled to a work visa for two years to gain professional experience.

10. The breath-taking Irish views

Castles, old churches and lots of green areas. Everywhere. Everyday. Do you need more reasons?

Photo by Lizeth Amaya, for The Circular

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Need more reasons to study at Griffith College? See what’s inside the Dublin main campus!
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