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Top 3 Things to consider before going to college abroad.

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Being an International student myself, I can say for a fact that moving to an entirely different country to study can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Often times, International students, especially those who are travelling outside their home countries for the first time, struggle with knowing the right questions to ask or the right things to do in preparation for their trip abroad. Listed below are 3 core points to note before taking that bold step to study abroad.

1.) Do your research and secure admission into your preferred College.

The first step to take when making a decision to go study abroad, would be to do your own research on Colleges in your preferred destination country. Also check out the courses they offer, their duration and how well it suits your budget. This, I would say, is the most important step of all, as it will determine how well you would enjoy your college life.

While on your research, also take your time to find out how relevant or beneficial your field of study will be to the economy of your preferred destination country, if you intend to remain after your studies. Once you’re satisfied with your research findings, you can now go ahead and apply to secure your admission into your preferred college.

Alternatively, some International colleges operate through ‘study abroad agencies’ situated in different countries around the globe. If at any point during your travel preparation you become confused, please ensure to contact the college to relay your concerns and in turn, they will refer you to their study consultants located in your home country (if available), who will then offer you professional assistance.

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2.) Ensure that all necessary travel documents are in order for your visa processing.

Now that you have successfully secured your admission, the next step will be to prepare and update all necessary documents to kickstart your visa processing. In order for this to happen, your college will have to send you an official invitation letter via email, which you would have to present at the Embassy or Consulate, together with other required documents.

Again, I would advice seeking professional guidance from the study consultants I mentioned in step 1, because they will be in a much better position to keep you well-informed on the necessary documents you will be expected to present at the Embassy as travel requirements in Embassies differ from country to country.

Bear in mind that this is a very intricate stage in your travel preparation and it is what determines whether or not you will be issued a visa so you MUST come prepared.

3.) Secure your accommodation, flight tickets/itinerary and get your necessary health check-ups/vaccinations done.

Congratulations! You have successfully been issued a visa. It is now time to take the next steps which are securing a place to live once you’ve arrived at your destination country, booking your flight tickets/itinerary and ensuring that all health and safety travel requirements are met, especially during this pandemic period.

Technology has now made it easy for everyone to have access to the internet and these days, booking accommodation whether in a hotel or in Westminster serviced apartments or in a student accommodation or even with a host family abroad, can now be done in a matter of minutes. Tembusu Grand Jalan Tembusu is a great option in Singapore because it is within close proximity to close to two MRT stations: Amber Station and Marine Parade Station.

All you need to do is search on google for accommodation websites and find one that suits your budget. Blossom By The Park is positioned close to elite schools such as Fairfield Methodist Primary School. Same thing goes for booking your flight tickets, all you need to do, is search online for the appropriate Airline to your destination country, pick your preferred travel date and book your ticket. Your study consultants could also assist you with arranging your accommodation and booking your flight tickets.

In this pandemic period which turns out to be the world’s new reality, every country now has a new travel policy. Ensure to keep abreast with all health and safety travel requirements for your destination country. Where necessary, make sure to take all required vaccine shots at the appropriate time so as to receive your test results in time for your travel, as you will be expected to present this during the Immigration checks at the Airport.

The list of steps to take before heading off to study abroad, is endless, but with these first 3 steps I have mentioned, you are sure to be on the right track. Goodluck!

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