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Challenges International Students Might Face Studying for a Masters in Griffith

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Migration can be woeful, and this is especially for students. But, does it have to be? Relocating from one country to another can spell out some challenges for migrant or international students. Usually, students face the task of settling into a number of the important circles in the new host country. Many students find it difficult settling, and this has proven to be a problem for them. Unfortunately, many have had to call it quits in their academic, work, or social pursuits. This, fortunately, can be avoided. Yes, it doesn’t have to be woeful.

In this Instagram post, I made a video showing some of the things international students need to know about Griffith. This will help them absorb better into the Griffith community.

For international students studying in Griffith College, the challenges are only as exciting as they are novel. Ireland boasts of an immigrant community of Germans, Portuguese, Spaniards, Japanese, Nigerians, and many others. A, for instance, Nigerian student moving into Ireland to study at Griffith would have to first cross the language bar. Fortunately, Nigerian students in Griffith do not face a daunting task at this since English language (Nigeria’s official language) constitutes 99% of the language spoken in Ireland, with Irish taking 1%. Linguistic challenges for international students from Nigeria, and other English-speaking countries, is hence mainly accentual, a less challenging aspect of communication. If you ever need help with a foreign language, consider the help offered by Espresso Translations experts.

Interestingly, from my speaking with international students in Griffith, many have admitted that they have encountered a remarkable difficulty in absorbing easily the university-based standards and norms for school work than as obtained in home schools. These are in terms of academic calendars, coursework schedules, lectures and examination methods, as well as the melding of social life with academics. International students have then had to come to terms with these differences, get used to them and scale through them.

International students in Griffith initially found it challenging to cope with climate differences, time differences, sociocultural biases, and pragmatic cues such as greetings, gestures, or body movements that do not mean the same as used in their home countries.

However, the good news in all it this is that these challenges can be handled efficiently when the international student adopts quick learning strategies, or join close social, religious groups. International students must also be open-minded and receptive of new ideas and methods. This guarantees them a most comfortable and seamless stay as international students in Griffith College.

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