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A podcast episode with Fatma, an international student in Ireland.

On this week’s Casual Chatting with Ana podcast, we have a conversation with Fatma. She was in Ireland ten years ago and has now returned to study journalism at Griffith College. Fatma is Turkish and started the course in February 2022. She talked about her life in Turkey as an English teacher, why she decided to come to Ireland to study journalism and about the renting problem here as well.

Currently, the guest lives with a Turkish and German family and is finishing the first semester of her chosen postgraduate course.

“After 15 years of living alone, living with a family is really really difficult. But I found myself luckily.”


Fatma spoke a little about the delicate situation in her country, where the current government threatens innocent people, she preferred not to go into too much detail about her situation and not reveal her last name so as not to interfere in the process that is still ongoing in Turkey.

Plans for the future

Thinking about finishing college, Fatma intends to try a professional life in Ireland first, taking advantage of the two years of a work visa that she will receive, but she said to be willing to start over in another country too, if necessary, as well as return to Turkey since she has relatives there.

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