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Three places to discover for nice hikes as a student in Dublin

Photo by Flore Toussaint for The Circular

Being a student in a big city can sometimes become hard to keep up with. Maybe, you need to take a break, and what’s better than hikes with beautiful views and fresh air ?

Dublin is surrounded by amazing landscapes that deserve to be seen. At this point, you might get worried about things like renting a car, book a hotel, save money… But you don’t need any of that with the next 3 hikes that I found and tested for you.

1 – Howth

With twenty minutes by train with the Dart or fifty minutes by bus with the H3 from the centre of Dublin, you can discover a beautiful point of views. There are different tracks that you can access easily, and the village offers many places to eat or have a drink. But you can also have your own picnic and enjoying it near the sea.

Photo by Flore Toussaint for The Circular

2 – Dalkey

The second place i want to present you is the breathtaking village of Dalkey. It’s only 20 minutes away from Dublin for a 5€ Dart ticket train. The city center is worth to see too, it’s a very typical irish village. Let’s go visit the Killiney Hill Park ! The park offers you nice landscapes : you can as much as sea than magnificent forest. Being there in autumn is the cherry on the cake. Enjoy the fall colors and take a bowl of fresh air for the day !

Photo by Flore Toussaint for The Circular

3 – Glendalough

Last but not least, the delightful site of Glendalough. You can go any day of the week, there is one bus from Dublin city center to Glendalough who makes a round trip once a day. The ticket is a bit more expensive than the ones for Howth or Dalkey : you will have to pay 20 euros for 1 hour and a half by bus. But it’s definitely worth it, there is a large choice of hikes, adapted to every kind of profiles.

Photo by Flore Toussaint for The Circular

Everything you need to know about the bus service is available here.

We hope that these 3 new destinations will soon be added to your to-do list !

It’s very important for your mental health to know how to take breaks, so don’t hesitate to read this article: “How can nature benefit my mental health ?”

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