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Opinion: 10 tips for building a healthy romantic relationship.

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Triger! Parental guidance advised. This article contains adult content.    

Love: This is the bedrock of every good relationship. When love is lacking in a relationship heartbreak becomes inevitable. Partners must keep their love for each other alive.

Respect: Respect for one’s partner is a major key to happy relationship. Mutual respect for a partner’s interest, preference, believes and body will make relationship void of insult. Also respect for boundaries. I wrote about respecting boundaries in my formal post. You can read it here.

Communication: Consistent communication builds stronger connection amongst partners. Distance does not destroy relationship, but lack of communication does. It is important for partners to frequently communicate with each other at their convenience.

Transparency: Partners who must enjoy happy relationship must be sincere and transparent. Transparency does not overrule the place of privacy, rather it entails the sincerity of partners.

Photo by Mateus Souza for Pexels

Care: Everyone wants to be cared for in a relationship. Care dose not mean paying the bills: but having a partner’s interest at heart.  you can check out how you can care for your partner here.

Trust: Trust is difficult to earn but very easy to lose. Most times it takes longer time in relationship for partners to build trust in each other. However, trust is very necessary for a healthy relationship. Partners should value the trust of each other and prioritize not losing it. Partners should learn to trust each other and be trustworthy.  

Compromise: Every relationship demands a level of compromise. This compromise involves forgiveness and sacrifices.  When one esteems one’s relationship above certain personal interests reaching a compromise will be easy. It is difficult for selfish persons to build a healthy relationship because they hardly make compromises for their partner.

Fun: Every relationship should have fun time. this can be vacation, movies, dance, walk, workout, or anything the couple finds fun doing together. Fun time creates the good memories of relationship and that is what makes partners incomplete without each other.     

Discipline: Healthy relationship demands discipline from the partners.  Many who truly love their partner have cheated on them because they lack discipline. Discipline entails self-control. It is restraining oneself from acts that will jeopardize one’s relationship.

Good sxx: Making the bed worth the while is recommended for couple.  Good Sxx heals the mind and creates stronger bond in the relationship. You can find more benefits of sxx in a relationship here.  

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