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How TikTok screwed an entire generation brain ?

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Nowadays, it’s not longer shocks us to see a teenager spend 3 whole hours on his phone. It shocks us to see a teenager reading a book.

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Do you find yourself preferring to watch Britney Spears dancing with knives on TikTok to reading a book or spending time with the family ? That’s because you too have fallen into the TikTok trap. But don’t feel too bad, you should know that the app is very good at getting you addicted. At this point in the article, you’re probably wondering what makes you so addicted, and if you’re reading this, it’s because you already know you are.

TikTok’s algorithm is very sophisticated and intelligent. The first thing you notice when you download the application is that you don’t have a billion video options like on Youtube: you don’t choose what to watch, and yet you can’t stop. One in ten people say they don’t like TikTok from the start and delete it. In fact, the application tests you in the first few moments, so you don’t necessarily see the content you want. But as TikTok analyses you, looking at how much time you spend watching each video, whether you like it, whether you comment on it, whether you just look at the comments and interact with other users, whether you add it to your favourites or share it, the application is able to suggest content that is tailored to you.

As you can imagine, the remaining 9 people are getting in on the act. From now on, TikTok will only offer you videos that you’ll like, so why stop enjoying them?

One word : dopamine.

This is where I introduce the concept of “dopamine”. In fact, every video you like on TikTok gives you a dose of dopamine, a pleasant sensation for your brain because you are having a good time. And of course your brain wants more. This is when you become a TikTok addict, seeking a maximum dose of dopamine by watching a maximum amount of TikTok. You become a soldier of the application to get the same feeling all the time.

But in the long run, it can be very harmful to you and your brain. You’ll love your dopamine rush so much that you won’t be able to get enough of it. TikTok is a real drug. If your brain runs out of dopamine, it will be impossible to concentrate and receive the information being sent to you. You will not be able to think about anything but your next TikTok.

Your days and your desires are then dictated by the application, until reaching your relationships. Unfortunately, the person closest to you if you do not make sure to reduce your TikTok consumption, will be TikTok.

To better understand, here is a video on TikTok addiction :

The TikTok addiction – Video by Flore Toussaint for The Circular
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