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Is the return of digital cameras a yes or a no?

Photo by Jaspereology for Pexels

This year, we’ve seen a huge return to old fashions. Whether it’s the return of the adidas Superstar, or baggy trousers, fashion really is a never-ending circle.

Photo by Jaspereology for Pexels

Lately, and particularly this summer, the return of digital cameras has been important. You’ve probably seen videos on tiktok of people buying second-hand cameras, or unretouched vintage-style photos on instagram posted by even the best-known influencers. It has to be said that the ‘real’ aspect of a camera other than your mobile phone’s camera is much more touching. You get the impression that you’re capturing the moment, and when you develop the photos later or put them on your computer, you get a much more authentic rendering.

You must have seen this kind of video in your tiktok or instagram feed at least once :

The real question is: why are these cameras making a comeback today?

One of the main reasons is that they have a vintage look, older digital cameras often have a retro or vintage look that appeals to users. Their unique design and distinct aesthetic can add a special touch to videos and photos.

What’s more, they offer a wide scope for creativity and originality: some designers use these cameras to stand out from the crowd. The technical limitations of these old cameras can encourage creative ways of achieving unique results.

The trend towards nostalgia is coming back a lot these days, as we are surrounded by new technologies. Many people feel a nostalgia for older cameras, recalling a time when photography was less instantaneous and more thoughtful.

Futhermore on TikTok, users like to share their discoveries and experiences. Using older digital cameras can create a community around this passion for vintage photography. It’s a also about community and sharing a lot nowadays.

So, in a world where smartphones are ubiquitous and often used for photography, reverting to dedicated cameras offers an escape from over-connectivity. Users are sometimes looking for a more immersive experience that is detached from technology.

To take things a step further, I myself succumbed to the trend and brought along my old camera from my 10th birthday. Amazingly, my first surprise was the quality that this device offered despite the passage of time and new technologies. In this video, I show you my experience with a digital camera over the summer. And very honestly, I loved capturing memories on this little machine, the vintage look totally conquered me and I continue to use it today! Social media said true, taking pictures with this kind of camera really gives us an impression of authenticity that I can’t find with my phone anymore.

If you also think like her, there is still time to search your old toys or take a ride on ebay and enjoy !

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