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KRETZ, Family Real Estate

photo from pexels from Oleksandr P

Agence Kretz is a family French estate agency with a special history. The parents, Olivier and Sandrine, were not originally in the property business. One day, they decided to go into luxury real estate and set up their own estate agency without any experience in the field. Their three sons, Martin, Valentin and Louis, then joined the family business. The family also includes Mayo, the grandmother, and Raphael, the youngest son aged 18.
“We see real estate as a deeply and exclusively human business.”

Photo from pexels from Oleksandr P

Where do they work and what types of property are on offer?

The Kretz family originally worked only on luxury properties in Paris, but with the confidence and skills gained over time, they then expanded to “ultra luxury” properties in several majestic locations such as;
Spain, Portugal, Megève (ski resort), Atlantic coast, Islands, Lyon, Monaco, New York, Brazil….
This winner has teams in every place where they sell their luxury and “ultra luxury” goods. They sell, rent and buy. Several issues are essential to them; professional and family life which are mixed. They wish to be innovative, modern by proposing generous and personalized.

The Netflix series “THE AGENCY”
In 2020, the Kretz Family is filming a series about their family estate agency. Since then 3 seasons have been released and 12 episodes in total. In this series, we follow the professional and personal lives of this family on a daily basis. We follow them as they visit, appraise and sell their properties;

The Francois charm and Parisian life are fully highlighted with the discovery of exceptional flats, art and architecture.

Next season?
The Kretz family’s ambition is to produce a fourth season to continue to follow their evolution and development in selling, valuing and buying properties worth over ten million euros. They hope to continue working with a number of celebrities. Some articles state that there are indeed rumours that a fourth season is being filmed, while others say that it is not.

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