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Home: Where Identity and Comfort Intertwine

In our quest to understand the essence of ‘home,’ a study by Ikea, titled “Life at Home,” surveyed 12,000 individuals globally, unraveling the intricate facets of what constitutes ‘Zuhause.’ Surprisingly, only a small fraction—seven percent—associated ‘Zuhause’ with a specific place, while a substantial 37 percent believed it extended beyond the confines of their homes. This shift challenges conventional notions, revealing that ‘home’ transcends mere physical spaces for a significant portion of individuals surveyed.

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KRETZ, Family Real Estate

Agence Kretz is a family French estate agency with a special history. The parents, Olivier and Sandrine, were not originally in the property business. One

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Reminiscing Home!

What is Home? When we think of home, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, home is a place where the soul

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Technology And The Pandemic

It was Stephen Hawking who said that “We are all connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain”. Many of us take for

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happy children playing with pink feathers in street near building

My Big Crazy Family.

Most people are lucky enough to have five or six cousins. I, on the other hand, have been blessed with over 100 hundred first cousins.

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“Cancer: ‘my story’ II”

“shortly before my Invasive Ductal Carcinoma breast cancer  surgery I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer as well, it was like being hit with a hammer

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