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Reminiscing Home!

Photo from Pixabay

Photo from Pixabay

What is Home? When we think of home, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, home is a place where the soul of the space has been crafted with so much love over time that nothing can ever replace it. The memories ingrained that are full of laughter, heartaches, love and every other emotions is hard to describe in words. Everyone has their unique memory lane and no matter what, where we are or where we go, we always carry it with us. 

Home is the body and we are the souls! Imagine if we could relive those moments when the 90’s songs played on the radio every morning when mum cooked our breakfast during the holidays or weekends, or mother running after us to get ready for school so that we don’t miss the bus. While father came after work, walking to us kissing on our forehead and asking how our day was. Those days can never be replaced and will always be timeless. If only we could freeze those bygone days! Time surely passes away in a blink of our eye. 

Here’s a short memory lane of two immigrants who left their home country and moved to a different lifestyle and culture. While one misses her family, gatherings, all the pampering and home cooked food; the other misses the weather and her pet dearly. Let’s listen to their nostalgic story and see how we can resonate to their story.

What are your thoughts about home? What is it that you love about home and if given a choice, what moment would you relive?

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