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Motherhood- Imparting life lessons and love

Motherhood is very different for everyone. Many women desire to have children and it is something they look forward to in life, while other women feel that children simply aren’t for them and choose to live their lives without ever having children. Unfortunately, for others, they may want to have children but it just simply isn’t possible. As a result of this, the topic of motherhood can sometimes be challenging as some people feel that they are pressured into having children when they may not want to or are simply unable to.

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An average of 60,000 are babies born in Ireland and the topic of motherhood is one that many people feel very different about. I want to focus on what it’s like to be pregnant. I recently found out that my sister is having her first child, my first niece or nephew, and my parents’ first grandchild. Since it is Ruth’s first baby, I was intrigued to know how she was feeling since she found out the news and by speaking to my mam, Marian how times have changed since Ruth was born over 30 years ago.

Take a listen to my podcast to hear what it is like to be pregnant now compared to the life of a pregnant woman in the early 1990s.


A lot of laughter and tears were shed in this podcast.

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