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The 5 Things to Do at Christmas (according to you) !

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Halloween is behind us, and now it’s time for the best time of the year: Christmas! The end of year festivities often mean warm traditions, sparkling decorations and, of course, magical Christmas movies. I’m sure we all can’t wait to arrive on New Year’s Eve, enjoy delicious meals, laugh, share moments with family, and above all, open our presents. However, while waiting for the big day, there is a whole list of pleasant little things to do to fully enjoy the festive season. As we asked you, here is a non-exhaustive list of the five essential activities to experience at Christmas according to you.

1 – Watch Christmas movies

These films have become an essential part of celebrating this special season, creating a festive atmosphere and transporting viewers to an enchanted world. Choose a selection of your favorite Christmas films, prepare some festive snacks, and curl up in a blanket with a hot chocolate. And if you don’t know where to start, don’t panic, The Circular has prepared a list of the 5 best Christmas movies for you to watch, filled with joyful classics and sparkling new releases.

Home Alone, Official Trailer, 1990

2 – To go to the ice rink

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Gracefully gliding across the ice of an ice rink during the Christmas holidays evokes undeniable magic, transforming a winter activity into an enchanted experience. The lights create a magical atmosphere, while Christmas music adds a festive touch. Whether you are a seasoned skater or an enthusiastic novice, the ice rink becomes a place to share laughter, friendly falls and unforgettable memories. This winter tradition brings a dose of joy to everyone, making the rink an iconic place where families and friends come together to celebrate the holiday season.

3 – Baking Christmas Cookies

Getting into the kitchen to bake Christmas cookies is more than just a culinary activity; it’s an immersion in the festive spirit of the season. The smell of cinnamon, vanilla and ginger fills the kitchen. Make shortbread in the shape of a star or tree, with chocolate, cinnamon, filled with spread or jam… with special Christmas cookie cutters. Personalize them with icing sugar, colored balls, edible glitter or even sugar stars. Baking Christmas cookies isn’t just a culinary activity, it’s a ritual that creates memories to share with those you love during the holidays. And if it also involves making treats for Santa Claus and his reindeer, your activity will be a great success.

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4 – Decorate the house

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Transform your home into a true Christmas sanctuary by embarking on a decorating session full of enthusiasm and creativity. From fairy lights to sparkling ornaments, each addition evokes the warm, festive spirit of the season. It is much more than a simple embellishment, it is an immersion in a magical universe. Hang the socks carefully and place the Advent calendar. Christmas decoration thus becomes a joyful activity, conducive to sharing laughter, stories and awakening the Christmas spirit in your home.

5 – Create a Christmas playlist

For an instant festive atmosphere, there’s nothing like creating your own Christmas playlist! Get in the holiday spirit by selecting your favorite songs, from timeless classics to joyful modern interpretations. This activity is a true dive into the magic of Christmas, where each note awakens warm memories and sparks excitement for the celebrations to come. So, get ready to feel nostalgic for the songs of your childhood and discover new songs that will make your Christmas heart sing. It’s a simple but effective way to infuse your daily life with festive songs, creating a special soundtrack that will accompany every moment of this season full of joy and sharing. So, start your playlists, sing at the top of your lungs, and let the magic of Christmas take over your space!


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Ultimately, with the films that immerse you in the mood, the fun slides on the ice rink, the sweet delights that delight the taste buds, the decorations that transform the house into a real Christmas story, and the playlist that even gets you moving the most grumpy, there is enough to create truly exceptional moments. These traditions add a special touch to your holidays. So, may your Christmas be full of laughter, good vibes and memories that will last long after the garlands have been carefully put away. Make the most of the holidays and may this period bring you everything you want! 🎄✨

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