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10 underrated Netflix shows worth watching

Picture by David Balev for Unsplash

Netflix represents the most popular streaming service nowadays and has over 3,600+ movies and about 1,800+ TV shows available to its subscribers. The numerous offers can make it difficult to choose from. In this article, a few slightly underrated shows worth watching are listed to simplify your next selection process on Netflix.

1. Schitts Creek

Schitts Greek is by far one of the most underrated Netflix shows and in my opinion definitely worth a try. It is a Canadian/American sitcom show and is finally now available on Irish Netflix. It is directed by Dan Levy and his father, Eugene Levy (remember the fun dad from American Pie?). Besides its name not beingsuper appealing at first, it definitely belongs to a show you will not regret watching, I promise.

In short: the sitcom comprises the story of a wealthy couple Johnny and Moira Rose who all of a sudden lose all their money.

After losing everything they owned, the once wealthy and opulent Rose family relocated a Schitt’s Creek, a little town they bought years ago as a fun asset.

The Rose family’s adventures span six seasons, and the reactions from its viewers demonstrate how much the show is adored.

Schitt’s Creek, however, has evolved into a cult favorite and possibly the finest sitcom of the past ten years after only five years and five seasons. razor-sharp insults, gif-ready catchphrases (“Ew, David”), and most importantly, sincere, heartwarming kindness.

2. Stranger Things

The American science fiction television program Stranger Things was produced by the Duffer Brothers. On July 15, 2016, it was originally made available as a Netflix original series.

Photo by Rafal Werczynski for Unsplash

The series, which is set in the 1980s, revolves on the citizens of the made-up tiny town of Hawkins in Indiana as they struggle to survive after a local facility for human experimentation opened a portal leading from the ‘Upside Down’ to the real world.

The first season starts in November 1983. Shortly after, the group of friends find themselves in many new adventures when the friends group start to look for their friend Will Byers who dissapeared during the first season.

The narrative’s breadth is expanded in the second and third seasons, which explore the complicated consequences of the events of November 1983. Major stories first appear outside of Hawkins in the fourth season, greatly broadening the scope of the program. A fifth season is planned to wrap up the current narrative.

3. Shameless

Shameless falls under the category of an American comedy-drama television series which was directed by John Wells. The show has been aired from January 2011 until April 2021.

The storyline revolves around a dysfunctional family construction who lives on the south side of Chicago. The six children of irresponsible single parent Frank Gallagher—Fiona, Phillip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam—are shown in the series as a poor, dysfunctional family. While his children learn how to care for themselves, he spends his days being wasted, high, or looking for misfortunes.

4. Imposters

Imposters is a bleak comedy-drama, filled with dark humour, that revolves around a woman who is a con artist and marries men to steal their money. Maddie, the main protagonist is able to shift personas to make men fall in love with her and trust her.

When her unknowing victims discover they have been cheated and robbed of everything, even their emotions, they are tortured. But, when her previous targets, Ezra, Richard, and Jules combine to find her, things become more difficult and intense.

5. Good Girls

This comedy drama Good Girls can be seen as the feminine counterpart of Breaking Bad. The lives of three suburban mothers are turned upside down as they become involved in criminal activities as they are in urgent need of money.

The two sisters Beth and Annie as well as their close friend Ruby are tired of following the rules and not receiving the respect they deserve. Due to their financial instability, they decide to rob a supermarket.

However, soon they become soaked up in the criminal underworld as they get involved in too many criminal incidents from which there seems to be no escape.

6. What/If

Would you allow your significant other to spend a night with someone else for 1 million dollar? This is the question a married couple is confronted of at the start of this American thriller miniseries What/If.

Throughout the series, the couple is confronted with numerous question to test their morality. It is an eye-opening series that shows what can happen if unacceptable people start doing unacceptable things.

7. Sex Education

The show Sex Education is a British comedy-drama and displays the life of several different teenagers and the typical problems arising with it. The main protagonist Otis Milburn, who has a sex therapist as a mum, is a socially awkward teenager who lives alone with his mum, Jean.

Soon, he and his friend Maeve Wiley establish sex consulting at their school to advise teenagers with all kinds of sex-related advice.

Throughout the three seasons, the teenagers become confronted with different topics ranging from friendship to exploring their own sexuality.

8. Dark

The series Dark consists of a total of three seasons and takes place in a fictional town, close to Winden in Germany.

The town Winden hosts a nuclear power plant where some of the resident’s work. Besides, the village has a network of caves that conceals a wormhole that enables time travel.

Dark’s narrative connects events that happened in 1986 and 1953 to events that began in the year 2019 at its beginning. As the inquiry heats up, there are more reports of missing children all throughout the town. As a result, all the families in Winden and all the included timelines begin to experience effects from the investigation. In order to find answers to the mysterious disappearance, relationships of four separated families are being investigated to uncover a dark time travel scheme that spans multiple generations.

9. Modern Family

Modern family is a series that displays diverse family constellations (nuclear, blended, and same-sex) and provides honest and hilarious insights into various family lives.

The episodes are humorously based on events that many families experience in real life, as the name implies. This family depicts a modern family.

Throughout time, each family encounters challenges to deal with. The series does not only show the conflict but also the solution that is often humorously handled.

Even the children are all different and entertaining in their own ways. Also, the development of the siblings’ connections gets displayed well.

10. Queens Gambit

The Queens Gambit comprises the story of the nine-year-old Beth Harmon is placed in an orphanage when her mother perishes in a car accident. The school janitor teaches a quiet, introverted girl how to play chess, giving her a purpose.

She quickly rises to the top of the competition after showcasing a great skill for the sport. She has, however, also grown dependent on drugs as they appear to enhance her ability to perform. She seemed to be headed in the direction of fame—and self-destruction.

Picture by freestocks for Unsplash

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