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Is it scary or terrific? Advantages and disadvantages of travelling alone

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Like this Twitter user, some people are thinking that travelling alone is the best one, however;

some people like Katelyn think that it is scary.

To decide whether it’s scary or the best thing to do let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of travelling alone and decide for yourself!

You may have been thinking about your dream trip for a while, but your appropriate time may not match up with your friends, maybe they are not as excited as you, or you are open to other offers. Once you get the pleasure of travelling alone, which has many positive aspects such as making new friends, travelling as you wish, and doing what you want, you can decide to plan your next trips alone.

Those who have gone on all their trips with family or friends so far may see this article as an opportunity to change their habits and add new achievements to their character. Travelling alone, going where you want like a free bird, being able to do what you want. Although these always have positive connotations when we first hear them, there are disadvantages as well as advantages.

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Advantage one is freedom

If you travel alone, you can make a completely independent decision about your schedule and make changes to your plans freely. You can move forward more effortlessly on your own. When travelling alone, you will not have to compromise on your choices. This stress-free time while travelling allows you to introspect and look backwards at your life, which helps you understand your abilities and personality.

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When you travel alone, you discover how wide your boundaries are. In your experiences, which will form a big part of getting to know yourself, you will see how flexible you are, and how wide or narrow your lines are. Maybe you will experience adventures that will expand your boundaries, you will get the opportunity to overcome your fears.

However, Where to go, what to eat, ticket hours, where to stay, and of course, all the troubles you face will be solely your responsibility. It may sound a little scary when you say it like that, but this is an important achievement that will positively improve a person’s character. We see this as an advantage because it will improve your ability to take responsibility and your ability to plan.

Advantage two is the new experiences that you will get while travelling alone.

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Especially if you are travelling abroad, you can meet people from other countries at the hostel where you are staying, you can create long friendships and exciting experiences. These memories, good or bad, help you understand various aspects of our world that help us cope with various situations.

Although we all experience social phobia from time to time, travelling alone allows you to see places you will like and meet people you can get along with. Travelling alone allows you to express yourself more comfortably in social settings. Countries to travel alone can bring you a lot of friends.

Here comes the sad part, the disadvantage, safety, and health problems.

Ensuring the safety of your belongings can be difficult on your own. Travelling alone may not always be very safe. Not only your own safety but even keeping your belongings can be difficult when it comes to travelling alone. Travelling on non-stop roads or on a lesser-known trail can cause unexpected safety problems. It is easier to ensure both your own safety and the safety of your belongings when someone is with you. But do not let this prevent you from travelling alone, you can always reduce the probability of this disadvantage to the lowest by being careful.

If your health deteriorates on the way, it can be exhausting to deal with it by yourselves. We recommend you take out travel insurance before travelling alone. Apart from health problems, the feeling of leaving the comfort zone you are used to can also be challenging. if you want to try a street food that you find interesting, you may have stomach pain, have bad days, or even have to end your trip so be careful and carry at least one pill with you.

The last one is the lack of support from your loved ones.

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We are together with many people in everyday life, and although we don’t realize it. While travelling alone, you may miss your family, friends, and lover very much, you may not see the beauties of the places you are going for this reason alone.

Remember, you may have bad memories, as well as memories that you will remember with a laugh. Please take into account that everything good and bad can happen to you while you are travelling, and after carefully considering its advantages and disadvantages, go on a trip alone. Lastly, don’t think and worry too much and do it! What do you think? Is it scary and anxious or enjoyable and terrific?

Here are some stories of people’s experiences of travelling alone.

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  1. Thanks for this blog. I’m looking forward to my next travel. I will be travelling alone. I believe that after this travel, many things in my perspective and my mindset will be changed.

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