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Don’t ruin your trip! Traveling tips to enjoy your trip without getting any trouble

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Throughout your daily life, you rush to get a lot of work done. Moreover, your stress level is relatively high, and rest assured that it is not easy for that stress in your body to disappear. However, by traveling, you can leave all your stress, and problems behind also take a little break from everything, and refresh yourself. We can say that traveling is an adventure itself, but let’s face it, you don’t like to face unpleasant surprises on this adventure. Choosing the wrong airport, encountering a minor health problem at the point you are traveling, missing your flight, or other annoying possibilities.

Even though these tips may change from county to country, you can always find something for yourself. Also, since I went to Belgium for four days the previous month, these are lessons that I learned during my trip.

1. Choose the cheapest and right airport for your flight

Image by Elif Ipek Demir for
Image by Elif Ipek Demir for

From my experience, I can say that choosing an airport that is far away from the city center is such a mess. Although they have the cheapest tickets, arriving in the city center and traveling around is harder than you think. Carrying heavy bags and worse, If you will arrive late, finding transportation is such a big trouble. That’s why, even if it is slightly expensive, choose the airport that is close to the city center by that, you can easily arrive at your accommodation and travel the country easily. To find the cheapest ticket, you can find websites that will give you the cheapest and best options around the world. Choose your destination and enjoy your trip!

2. Create a road plan according to the places that you will travel

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Before your arrival at the destination, create your traveling plan with a little bit of research. You can always find trip advisor apps or websites to decide which tourist attractions you want to go to. Although the number of places may change according to the number of days or weeks that you will stay, keep in mind that you cannot travel everywhere in three or four days. That is why choose the ones that you want to see most.

3. Pack your backpack or luggage carefully

You don’t need an excessive amount of clothes or items with you. Make a list of things that you will bring and don’t pack more than your list. To avoid more clothes, you can make an outfit for one week and the rest will come! Since some countries are using different types of plugs, small research about the plug type of the country that you are going will give you extra life comfort. Also, packaging your liquid items is another issue. Since you can only put liquid up to 100ml in the plane, be sure that you are checking them. Moreover, if you put all of them into a small transparent pack, you don’t have to deal with security checks while entering the airport. In order not to mix your luggage with another one, you can also check luggage tags.

4. Don’t have any plans closer to your return flight

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One of the lessons that I learned while doing my Belgium trip was not to make any plans before my flight. Although it depends according to your flight time, mine was afternoon and I nearly missed my flight since traveling museum took longer than I expected. That is why leave three or four hours blank before your flight time and don’t forget that sometimes arrival to the airplane may take longer than you expected. No need for drama!

5. Take at least one meal before your flights

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Another trick to save money is to grab a meal or snack before your flight or trip. If your flight is going to take long, you can carry a non-liquid meal and eat it everywhere. It will save you from starving and spending an excessive amount of money on food. Meals can be pasta, rice, etc. Also, do not forget to try foods that are special to the country that you are traveling to. Food equals happiness, and most importantly, have fun!

Don’t let bad experiences ruin your trip and happiness. Even if you are facing bad things through your trip, keep your mood up and look for the good things because you will not be there for a long time, and don’t ruin your time by always feeling sad because you are having that trip to feel relaxed and happy!

Also, you can have a look at the Top Travel Tips to Help You Travel Better in 2023 podcast here;

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  1. I like to visit different city. I am check some knowledge abaut there, before. For example where i have to visit in city, which foods i have to taste in there. I use to Google Maps aplication and i prepare to wall all possible distance. Ogun Kayacan, Notery

  2. Great Content Elif! I would make sure to take all these into consideration when traveling next time.

  3. The suggestions given this article for air travel include practical and useful hints that make it enjoyable. Thanks to Ipek for sharing this hints with us. Congraculations.

  4. The suggestions given this article for air travel include practical and useful hints that make it enjoyable. Thanks to Ipek for sharing this hints with us. Congraculations.

  5. The air travel is the fastest one. These tips help anyone to set everything in order before and during travel as long as keeping them in mind. Good job. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your worthy experiences and suggestions. I’ll consider them for my next travel

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