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Hacks for Public Speaking

Photo by Jacoblund from Pixabay

There are a lot of great people in the history books that we will remember not only for their great deeds but for how good of a speaker they were. Malcolm X, James Baldwin, Kwame Toure, and Martin Luther King were great men who could hold a room of thousands spellbound with their speeches. Public speaking is a unique form of giving a speech to create an impact and promote the motivation behind your speech.

Public speakers have inspired generations, pop culture and even kickstarted revolutions
There is a lot of creative and intricate process that goes into public speaking. At one point in our lives, we are sure to find ourselves in situations where we will have to give speeches. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a stadium in front of thousands. It could be in a boardroom or a classroom, or a place of worship.
Many people wish to become public speakers one day. But the fear of speaking in public is holding them back. They suffer from glossophobia, a fear of public speaking which ranges from mild anxiety to full-fledge crippling disorder that can disrupt your professional life. In fact, according to the National Social Anxiety Center, glossophobia is the most common phobia, even more, common than the fear of death, and it affects about 73% of the population.

If you find yourself in a position where you have to give a speech in public, it is better to be prepared. A lot of great speakers are known to write their speech and spend a lot of time practicing. You could write out your notes and practice with your friends so that you can avoid the embarrassment of suffering a ‘brain freeze’ in the middle of speaking. Punctuality is key as getting to the venue before the audience and practicing your movement is also efficient. Learn to relax between speech, take dramatic pauses, involve your audience in your speech and be confident about what you are saying.

In this infographic, I explain briefly some hacks for public speaking, as well as who to look up to in that field. These hacks are very helpful if you are preparing for a last-minute engagement, and they will help to calm your nerve.

Moving infographic on “Hacks for Public Speaking” by Grace Mamode from Canva

There are a lot of courses, books, resources that are available for people who wish to build their public speaking skills or overcome their public speaking skills. I have compiled a few tips which are useful once you have found time to practice and implement them. The result is immediate and guaranteed.

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