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Gaslighting and emotional abuse: Therapists use TikTok to raise awareness

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Gaslighting can be difficult to explain, and even more difficult to identify when you are suffering from it. This form of abuse always includes love-bombing on the early stages of a relationship, but turns into a whole different story, slowly, gradually, and almost silently.

Photo by Odonata Wellnesscenter from Pexels
Photo by Rodnae Productions, from Pexels

People whose partners use gaslight as a form of manipulation and control may feel often confused because of the dynamic of love-bombing and abuse. Moreover, other tactics used by gas lighters may cause their victims to doubt their own sanity and reality. Getting out of these types of relationships can be very difficult, and even when people can leave, they might be affected in the long-term. Survivors may suffer from anxiety, post-traumatic disorder, depression, a low self-esteem, a lost sense of self and it might take a while to feel like themselves again. Fortunately, experts are using social media to raise awareness about gaslighting, emotional abuse and narcissist personality disorder which is associated with gaslighting and manipulation.

1.-Therapist explains the cycle:

Abusive relationships have a pattern. Abusers won’t present themselves as abusers when they start a relationship, of course. They take their time; they gradually show their true colours and psychotherapist Stina Standers explains how this happens

2.-Now that you know how the cycle starts, you may wonder how gaslighting actually looks like. Therapist Jaime will show you some of the most common phrase narcissist and abusers use to gaslight you

3.-If you want to understand in what kind of situations gas lighters would use the phrases you saw in the previous TikTok, learn how to buy TikTok likes, check this out


Major trigger warning on this. Please take care of yourself #liberationhelen #gaslighting #fyp #joke

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If you think you are or have been in an emotional abusive relationship, you can get in touch with:

Get Help Ireland
Women’s Aid
Men’s Aid Ireland

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