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Benefits of living in Tyrrelstown

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According to figures published by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, the number of people accessing State-funded emergency accommodation as of March 2022 is 9,825.

The housing challenges is not just about getting a house or apartment, for most people, it’s getting a comfortable and affordable house or apartment in a conducive environment.

This is where the relevance of a community known as Tyrrelstown comes in. Tyrelstown is a community situated in the northwest part of Dublin. Accessing this community depends, especially through the city centre, is a oneway Bus 40D and 40E that ply the route every half an hour. That makes mobility and access quite easy.

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Houses in this environment are quite affordable as you could get a single room within the price range of 300-400 euros per month.

Tyrelstown is well appreciated by many, aside from just being affordable to live in. Services like an international moving quote would come in handy for people who want to settle in such a community. In Tyrrelstown, you have access to major and international stores such as Lidl, super value, off licence and many others. So if you are in Tyrrelstown, you need not worry much about having to access the city for your shopping.

The environment has a good state of the art school, which most young persons in the community attend. For the lover of sports, the environments provide sports centres such as Gym, football pitch, and basketball. There is also the availability of parks for outdoor events and relaxation.

Social and sporting activities are being carried out by those in the community, especially during summer. The community centre provides for basketball, baseball, volleyball, football, and a GAA club that promotes the local sports of Irishmen.

I highly recommend the environment as it is not just serene but also a quiet and secure place to live in.

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