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Why Are Americans Losing Sleep?

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Sleep is a very vital part of living a healthy life. But it seems that lately, citizens of the United States of America are finding it difficult trying to sleep. According to a survey by Bankrate, it is believed that sixty-nine per cent of America’s population is losing sleep for a different number of reasons that keeps them awake at night. These surveys reveal that the different age ranges in the country suffer from different reasons.

For this article, we will base our context on the research carried out by GFK custom, which polled over a thousand Americans to complete a survey on their reasons for losing sleep. Some people picked more than one answer. Generally, it is believed that the situation varied from insomnia to relationship, emotional trauma, money, work, health, politics, and fear.

Value penguin, an health insurance service in the United states of America, organized a survey where a thousand and thirteen citizens shared reasons on the reason for sleeplessness. Below are some of the key findings:

Based on the culled report above, the reasons responsible for this loss of sleep ranges from an relationship, stress about work, ill-health, as well as political and economic state of the nation. The data shows that relationships constitutes that largest reason many Americans are losing sleep. This is quickly followed by money. Concerns on health rank the least.

It turned out that most of the older individuals that participated in the survey found difficulty sleeping because they couldn’t control their thoughts. The younger ones are pressured by the desire to gain financial liberation and afford a life of comfort. That desire keeps them awake. Some millennials revealed that they were stressed about overworking, and the uncomfortable time shift they had to adapt to.

Psychologists in the country have offered their advice on the survey and asked the younger individuals to seek guidance on financial choices. It is also in their best interest to engage in therapeutical discussions to feel light-hearted and inclined to make healthy life choices. Since money issues or emotional related situations won’t go away overnight, it is better to begin a healthy process of nipping the past in the bud and prioritizing one’s health moving forward. Donovan Brooks, the founder of storyline financial planning in Missouri, who is also a financial expert has advised younger people to lean on a side hustle and long-term financial goals. This is a feasible method of making extra money and saving for retirement.

The absence of sleep has led many young and old citizens to dire health situations. It makes them tired, stressed, irritable, and weary in their workplace and personal space. It is recommended that humans take suitable hours of periods of sleep to ensure a healthy lifestyle. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also advised Americans to consider sleep as part of their routine. They have also recommended seven hours of sleep to avoid sleep disorders and stress factors.

Source: YouTube. Why Black Americans are Losing Sleep
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