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Ukrainian refugees welcomed into Ireland with open arms

The people of Ukraine have had their lives turned upside down since the invasion of Russia. With their cities being taken over by Russian troops and their homes being destroyed by bombs, these people have nowhere to turn and no homes to go to. The devastating events have caused people to lose their lives and their loved ones. While many have managed to survive these attacks, unfortunately, their lives are not the same as they were before.

For these people to continue to survive and find a safe home, they have to flee Ukraine and find refuge in other countries. This has caused these people to cross multiple borders with nothing but the clothes on their backs and whatever valuable items they could take with them. Luckily, countries like Ireland have worked tirelessly to find homes and accommodation to house these individuals and allow them to feel safe in a time of uncertainty.

In recent weeks, Ireland has opened up centres to help these refugees coming into the country. With three centres opening in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick, they cater to these people to allow them to gain access to a PPS number and any vital information they need for setting up a life in the country and to help them to find work.

Photo by Алесь Усцінаў

To gain a bit more insight into these centres, I spoke with Lee Atkinson, a volunteer in the Dublin centre to hear more about the work that goes on.

Have a listen below.

Interview with Lee Atkinson

It is centres like these that allow the Ukrainian people to feel like they are welcome in Ireland and that they do not feel that they are perceived as unwanted in the country in which they find refuge.

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