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Top 5 Nigerian Instagram content creators

Photo by Adem Ay for unsplash

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media apps in Nigeria. Nigeria has a population of 200 million people. Nigeria has a population of 200 million people. Forty percent of the population own a smartphone making it the country with the largest Internet users in Africa.

Instagram has become the app of choice for Nigerian content creators due to how easy it is for Nigerian content creators like Sydney Talker, and Mr. Macoroni makes comedy skits and posts them on Instagram.Nigerian content Creators have a huge following on Instagram, and Skit maker Broda Shaggi has 10 million followers on Instagram.

In this article, I will talk about my Top 5 Nigerian Instagram Content Creators

1. Broda Shaggi

Broda Shaggi is my favorite content creator on Instagram. Anytime I watch his videos I am always laughing so hard that I find it difficult to control myself. Broda Shaggi makes a video about the daily life of a street urchin otherwise known as “agbero”. His videos are relatable because it shows how the Street Urchins act and his mannerism are spots on.

2 Mr. Macaroni

Mr. Macaroni is one Instagram creator loved by everyone due to his philanthropic efforts and how he uses his platform to fight for change in the country. He was instrumental in the End SARS protest. Mr. Macaroni makes videos about Lagos Sugar daddies who give girls money to get them in bed. His satirical videos show how rich men in Lagos try to take advantage of young girls using their wealth and position.

3, Taooma

Taomma is one of the funniest female comedians in Nigeria. Taooma skits are very creative. Taomma’s ability to play multiple characters in her videos is beyond impressive.

Taooma has a huge following on Instagram. I am always anticipating any new video she releases.

4.Mr Funny

Mr funny is also known as the man with the investor vibes. He is regarded as the funniest man on social media. His short videos are ingenious and will always make you laugh. I watch his videos anytime I have a bad day, I love his facial expressions when he does something stupid.

5 Shanks Comics

Shanks is seen as the craziest guy on the internet. Shanks’s comedy skits are out of these words. Shank comics push skit-making to the limit. He is quite funny and a bit controversial with his different message.

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