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Looking back on the Covid pandemic: How did nurses in Ireland cope with the global tragedy?

Photo by John for TheCircular

Overseas nurses and midwives play a major role in Ireland and its healthcare system. Most of them come from India and the Philippines

Especially during the Covid pandemic, nurses and people working in the healthcare system have been needed more than ever. But do we actually now, how the Covid pandemic has affected their mental and physical health? And have their work attitudes and general behaviour changed after the pandemic?

In this podcast episode, I ask this and other questions to nurse John from the Philippines. He has been living in Ireland for 5 years and works in Tallaght University Hospital in Dublin.

General nursing trainees who worked clinically in Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic reported challenges such as increased workload, fear of contracting the virus and taking on new and additional responsibilities.

However, the students were not discouraged and reported that they had grown personally and professionally through their experiences and had benefited from the learning opportunities offered to them.

John, who is interviewed in this podcast, talks about similar experiences, but with the additional burden of having to provide for his family in the Philippines. He also says that he has learnt a lot about himself and his personality.

Almost 80 thousand nurses and midwives are currently working in Ireland, an increase of 5% compared to the previous year (2023). The new registrants are mainly from non-EU countries, with Irish nurses accounting for just 2%, or almost 1,600.

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