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Is love in the air?

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Love is one of the strongest and most intense sensations a person can feel. But managing it often becomes a complicated task that can cause it to falter. Identifying and understanding the feelings that come up inside us is not an easy task either. It is not uncommon to confuse some feelings with others or to question their strength. In the end, it is time that gives us enough experience to know how to interpret them better. Time and the experience of having gone through them before.

Anyway, love between two people has to overcome many barriers, both in the day to day and in the long term. Insecurities, doubts or arguments. Although it doesn’t have to, we must also believe in fluid and comfortable relationships, but without trying to idealise what a relationship should be because otherwise we will probably move away from reality.

One of the biggest drawbacks that love has to face, which is a very frequent situation nowadays, is distance. Many people shudder at the combination of the words distance and relationship, they don’t even want to hear about it. But the truth is that nowadays, in the globalised world in which we live, this situation is becoming more and more common. People move and change cities and countries mainly for work and job interests, looking for better living conditions. Not having a fixed place of residence, and this sometimes does not prevent it either, means that we meet people from very different origins and that the opportunity to establish a relationship with someone who does not live in our city presents itself as a possibility.

In this podcast we deal with one of the situations that causes most long-distance relationships, the Erasmus. Many of my acquaintances are studying here in Dublin for a year of their university degree and have had to deal with this kind of situation. That’s why we are going to discuss with them whether long-distance love is possible and to find out more about the situations they face and how they deal with them. In addition, a psychology student will help us to delve a little deeper into the topic with previous studies on the subject.

Podcast Is love in the air? by Carlos González

In conclusion, it can be said that each person is different and unique in itself, so there are some who are able to cope with situations like this and others who are not. What is clear is that a long-distance relationship is a great challenge and requires certain efforts and sacrifices to be willing to make.

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