May 12, 2022


A story International students will live to tell The sudden separation from home and joining a different country for many probably on a different continent

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The Ugly Life of a Barman

I dropped out of college at the age of 19 after becoming disillusioned with education, which led me to work some awful jobs. After I

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Alternative journalism is on the rise thanks to the internet and social media platforms. Over the years the internet and social media platforms have played

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Busking with Sam!

Who are Buskers? I’d say, those people who have a longing to see the world while what they love to do. They want to be

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Is love in the air?

becomes a complicated task that can cause it to falter. Identifying and understanding the feelings that come up inside us is not an easy task either.

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Your future, in Griffith College

Finishing a school stage is always a big step in a person’s life, but often closing a door means opening a new one. Anyone considering a postgraduate or an undergraduate degree should consider studying at Griffith College.

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