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Christopher Cano on his first participation in an amateur boxing event: “I just wanted to show myself I could be brave”

Photo taken by Kleizmer Cruz for The Circular.

Headon Boxing Academy, one of Ireland’s most prominent boxing academies, offered a set of amateur fighting competitions at the Leopardstown racecourse last Saturday.

Here where more than 30 amateur boxing fighters from all around Dublin had the opportunity to show their boxing skills and put into practice all of what they had learned in its academy. spectators turn up to watch the most vivid fights in town and support their favourite novices.

Distinguishing the fighters with black and white t-shirts, the crowds were able to witness the fights and cheer up even the unknowns of the night. The Leopardstown Race Course was holding a euphoric night this time not with horses but with tremendous boxers.

Photo taken by Kleizmer for The Circular

Each fight was about three rounds, each round of three minutes. Women and men of all ages engaged in highly disputed combats. The fights started at 19:30 with the light weights clashing as the arena was filling up.

We managed to interview one of the participants of this event, Christopher Cano who granted us some words of his experience in the ring.

“it seemed eternal and as the third round had begun I was already tired, I had thought I didn’t perform well during the fight but after seeing myself in a video taken by my friends my perspective changed”.

Photo taken by Kleizmer for The Circular

He continued: “I saw myself more competitive and brave even though the opponent was considerably stronger and taller than me”

“After all I’m happy to achieve my two main purposes which were: to be brave enough to get in the ring and finish the entire fight”

Visually tired after his encounter but excited to share a bit more of his future plans we asked him if he intended to develop a professional career in boxing:

He added: “Most likely not, I would instead like to do boxing just for fitness purposes and perhaps for improving my techniques but I do not think of fighting again”

The boxer mentioned the reason for his early refusal to fight again: “I did it just for a personal challenge and to show myself that I could be brave, now there’s nothing else to show”

The event did not just bring Irish fighters from all around Dublin but fighters from other countries who had been training in Boxing Academy for quite a while.

Christopher works as an electrical engineer in Dublin City and started boxing here in Ireland as a hobby. This turned up to be his first boxing event where he was a protagonist. To box in a major event had been on his ‘to-do list’ since he was living in Panama.

We asked him how he heard about the boxing academy and reached there. He explained: “while studying for my master’s in England, boxing caught my attention from a fitness perspective. Then I did it for a while in Panama after coming back from England”

After starting boxing in Panama, Christopher had to move to Dublin for job reasons which made him stop for quite a while. “When arrived in Dublin I started to practice back and recover my previous physical conditions, little by little I managed to got them back”

About his encounter with the academy, he explained: “I saw them first on Instagram and their discounts advertisements. Then I decided to give it a try and that is how my first class took place about 2 or 3 years ago”

“Is funny because I was just looking for a gym close to my place where to train for personal interests and I found them. Then I googled them for more details”

As a Panamanian, he recognizes that boxing plays a big role in Panamanian culture as the country has many world champions such as Roberto Duran “Hands of Stone” regarded as the best Latin-American boxer and Panama Al Brown the first Hispanic World Championship in his category.

The song chosen by the Panamanian boxer as the entrance song is typical of Panamanian culture.

Finally, after years of wishing to learn boxing properly, he enrolled in the academy and ended up measuring his skills in the ring. This event, as he explains, helped him to prove to himself how brave he was in facing another determined boxer.

Photo taken by Kleizmer for The Circular

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