A story International students will live to tell

The sudden separation from home and joining a different country for many probably on a different continent with different ways of life, culture, food, and weather can make one prone to homesickness; for some disruption of what was a normal lifestyle for them and adjusting to a new can cause anxiety, distress and a toll on their mental health. 

The past year saw covid 19 exacerbating the mental health and homesickness situation as international students felt isolated. Without being able to meet classmates, attend classes on campus, or fully enjoy the college experience, many who dreamt of working and gaining the European experience saw a dream crumbling as the pandemic did not only take lives it took jobs too, and also restricted movement. As students far from home, locked in their rooms, watching the death tolls of covid 19 rise day to day saw their mental health

Loisa wakasa an international student at Griffith college from Kenya, who arrived in Dublin during the tough days of the pandemic narrates to us how she was able to cope despite the challenges that were brought about by the pandemic and how she has been able to avoid feeling homesick.

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