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Family history: The development of Alexander Varanitsa in the professional futsal of the country.

Alexander Varenitsa is the main striker of the Griffin team, which plays in the highest futsal league in the capital of Ukraine, the city of Kyiv. At the age of 23, Alexander managed to win many local tournaments such as the “Regional Championship”, “Kyiv Championship”, “Ukrainian Futsal Cup”, “Ukrainian Championship”, etc. However, his development as a football player, and even more so a futsal player, was not so obvious for Alexander himself, because as a very small and teenager he liked completely different sports.

I liked martial arts, in my collection of trophies I even have some medals for prize-winning places at the Ukrainian championships in Taekwondo and Freestyle wrestling, when I once thought that I would be a professional fighter or boxer.”

Alexander Varenitsa
photo by Evgen Varenitsa

Developing physically, the father saw his son’s potential as a striker; with his great height and flexibility, Alexander managed to become a striker and at the age of 18 he signed his first professional contract as a futsal player, where he received his first salary, at the Griffin club. This was a decisive step, according to Alexander, where he understood what the major league and competitive spirit were.

Everything happened very quickly, there was no great story like many football stars, I just signed a contract and things went well at the club. I can’t say it was because of me, but that’s how it turned out. I’m very happy about this, and I continue to develop and fight for some insignificant, but regional and national cups.”

Alexander believes that the modern futsal league in Ukraine is not bad, but not at the level to compete with the mastodons of futsal. Also, the war that came to Ukraine in 2022 only complicated the situation in this sport.
Every year Alexander improved his technique, speed and strategic view of the game. He comments on his development in such a way that he needs to develop his physical capabilities by visiting the gym every day and working with physical trainers. preparation on an individual basis.

“One of the goals” of Alexander Varenitsa for his club by KAPF

In the near future, according to Alexander, he sees himself in the Ukrainian national team in order to begin to demonstrate his class on European fields, as well as at major world or European championships, but he refers to the fact that from an ethical point of view he cannot afford to forget about the war in Ukraine.

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