Are You A Football Fan?

Are you a football fan? If you are, then you know how exciting it can be to cheer on your favorite team with fellow fans.

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Gender Pay Gap in Football

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Millions of people watch and play it every day. The game has evolved over

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What is it with leisure?

In a world where the dignity of labour has often been beatified, indolence has been treated as a vice, and rest is often not emphasized

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What is it with the GOAT debate?

It is possible that nothing would bring Madeira, Portugal and Rosario, Argentina into context more than the rivalry generated by their favourite sons; Christiano Aveiro

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Benzema’s maturity as a player

neck. At that time, he was only 21 years old, and it was only an attractive bet that was a little overshadowed by the rest of the signings that the Spanish team made that summer. Already consolidated players with golden balls in their showcases such as Cristiano and Kaka.

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How English is the English national team?

As of now, it may not be as ‘bad’ as the French national team, where on most matchdays, only two or three players on the field are actually ethnic Frenchmen. However, the difference is that the French would not hesitate to identify with the origins of their national team players in times of success.

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