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Ukraine – Iceland, 2:1 which leads to the EURO-2024.

If you don’t beat these opponents, then there’s nothing to do at the Euros.”

Valery Vasilenko on

The Ukrainian national team has been a favourite in many of its recent matches, but is not a clear favourite to win EURO 2024. In my opinion, and I think in the opinion of all fans, this is clear as day.

Over the course of the draw, the situation in the Ukrainian group changed. Our first opponent and our second conflict have greatly improved since the qualifying tournament for the European Championships. But when it comes to the progress of our national team, it’s not entirely necessary to talk about the strength of the team or the players.

I repeat, both of our competitors for reaching the finals of the European Championship played in the same qualifying group and they did not play that well. To put it mildly. Initially, they did not compete for the first two positions in the group. They did not fight for third place, which was taken by Luxembourg.

In the Balkan team, as many as three head coaches changed during the selection process, in Scandinavian Iceland – two. Liechtenstein, BiH and Iceland were the outsiders of their group. While the Ukrainian team competed almost equally in its selection – alone in the group with the champions and vice-champions of Europe.

video by Vanemas Football for

The key definition for our team throughout the qualifying tournament is the word “stabilisation.” The game, the squad and the coach have stabilised. In our national team, in which some kind of class began to appear for centuries. There was an opportunity to change something and there was a choice, a choice of players and a choice of tactical pattern.

In my opinion, both the Bosnians and both candidates for the final looked less preferable. But the good thing about football is that opinions don’t play a role in it, teams do. Any underdog, having time and most importantly having a goal, a dream, can enter the main match of the year and win it.

“Everyone understands how important this victory is.”

Sergiy Rebrov

Bosnia and Herzegovina played their best game in recent memory against Ukraine. The Ukrainian national team found itself in an uncomfortable environment. The Ukrainian team turned out to be quite vulnerable in my opinion. It took a long time to come to my senses and start demonstrating my game. From the game in Wroclaw, it was clearly visible that in terms of technique and even movement, we were noticeably better than our opponents, who experienced changes in coaches over and over again. But we know that people play football. People who are either capable of something or not.

The Ukrainian team found a way to do this.

photo by Oksana Vasylieva for

Even in the qualifying tournament, the team demonstrated the ability to snatch victory, losing along the way. This happened in the game against Iceland.

As for me, the most important thing is: the will to win, this is something that cannot be taken away from Ukraine. Ukraine football should not and cannot lag behind in this aspect. The team was not inferior to its opponents in terms of motivation, character, and attitude.

In the match against Iceland, as in the previous match, the team also swayed for a long time, the players seemed not to be in the first half, but showed their presence in the second. And it’s very great that the Ukrainian national team made it to Euro 2024 in exactly this strong-willed style.

“This victory is undeniably significant for all of us – the country and the players alike. I am particularly pleased for the players. These two games were intense and demanding. Undoubtedly, these victories hold great importance for us, our people, and our military , who are currently defending our freedom. I believe everyone comprehends the significance of this win at present.”

Sergiy Rebrov

This team and its coach can and should be criticised. There really is enough reason for criticism. The first half against Iceland was terrible on many levels. But at the same time, this Ukrainian team definitely needs to be praised for making their dreams come true.

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