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Exploring Edinburgh: A magical autumn dream beyond Harry Potter and Outlander

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Edinburgh, the picturesque capital of Scotland, is not just for Harry Potter or Outlander fans. Especially in autumn, the city has a magical charm that goes far beyond literary inspiration. In this article, we take you on a three-day journey through Edinburgh, filled with culinary delights, historical discoveries and unique experiences.

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Day 1: Explore the enchanting city

Breakfast at the New Town Fox:
Start your day with a delicious breakfast at the New Town Fox, a local eatery that not only serves delicious food, but also has vegetarian and vegan haggis options. The restaurant’s sustainable and local focus makes for the perfect start to your day.

City Exploration:
Immerse yourself in the fairytale atmosphere of Edinburgh by visiting the University, Parliament and St Giles Church. Feel the inspiration these places have provided to many philosophers and writers. Don’t miss the Harry Potter-inspired Diagon Alley on Victoria Street, just below the famous Royal Mile.

Afternoon break and evening:
Take an afternoon break in one of the city’s charming cafes. A special recommendation is the spot on Calton Hill for a breathtaking view of the city. Finish the day in one of the pubs on Grassmarket, such as Biddy Mulligans, where live music invites you to linger.

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Day 2: History, books and hidden gems

Breakfast at Quinn’s Cafe:
Start your day with a hearty breakfast at Quinn’s Cafe, a cosy place to fuel up for the day.

Free walking tour:
Expand your knowledge of Edinburgh’s fascinating history with an engaging, approximately two-hour Free Walking Tour. Immerse yourself in the city’s bloody, exciting and brutal past.

A hidden gem: Armchair Books:
After the tour, visit the hidden gem of bookstores – Armchair Books. This charming bookshop offers an impressive selection of new and historic books, accompanied by friendly staff eager to help you find your next literary discovery.

Magical evening atmosphere:
For the perfect end to the day, I recommend a visit to The Witchery by the Castle. Situated next to Edinburgh Castle, the magical atmosphere of this venue promises an unforgettable evening. Booking in advance is recommended to secure a table at this popular restaurant.

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Day 3: Culture, nature and nightlife

Breakfast at The Edinburgh Larder:
Indulge in a hearty breakfast at The Edinburgh Larder, a charming spot with local specialities and a cosy atmosphere.

What to see and do:
Visit Edinburgh Castle to experience its fascinating history without the need for a guided tour – an audio guide will do. Book early, but the entrance fee is worth every penny. Afterwards, take a stroll through Dean Village, a charming village in the heart of the city.

Finish your journey at The Alchemist Bar, where you’ll be treated to fancy drinks served in chemical glasses. Let the evening unwind and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this extraordinary venue.

This three-day journey through Edinburgh promises not only historic discoveries and breathtaking views, but also culinary highlights and unique experiences. Immerse yourself in the magic of this city and experience Edinburgh off the beaten track.

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