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Austria’s Best Kept Secret: The Blue Eyes of Reith

While I love the thrill of water-surface activities, the thought of actually getting in the water itself is a totally different ball game. So, I opted for a different kind of fun: sit at the lake, enjoy the view, soak up the sun and be merry. 

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Exploring Edinburgh: A magical autumn dream beyond Harry Potter and Outlander

Edinburgh, the picturesque capital of Scotland, is not just for Harry Potter or Outlander fans. Especially in autumn, the city has a magical charm that goes far beyond literary inspiration. In this article, we take you on a three-day journey through Edinburgh, filled with culinary delights, historical discoveries and unique experiences.

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A Better Life Away

Why are increasing numbers of Irish students are choosing to move away from home to study. by Maria Giulia Lipparoni Students moving to a different

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