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Eat well and do good with Too Good To Go: how one app tries to change the food waste game

In today’s society, food waste represents a major global issue that has a negative impact on both, the environment and its society. As stated by the United Nations, approximately, one third of produced food is being wasted worldwide every year. In other words, 1.3 billion tons of food is being wasted yearly. As stated earlier, food waste has adverse effects on the environment and society as a whole, due to the release of greenhouse emissions, the deforestation and water scarcity, while also intensifying hunger and poverty.

In Ireland alone, around one million tonnes of food goes to waste every year, resulting in a cost of over €1 billion to the economy on an annual basis. This emphasizes the necessity for long-term remedies. An example therefore represents the App ‘Too Good To Go’ which tries to tackle the issue.

By simply connecting users with excess food from restaurants, cafés, bakeries, and supermarkets, the Too Good To Go mobile application aims to reduce global food waste. The idea behind the app is that everyone can contribute a small amount to reduce food waste, since food waste is an issue that affects the entire world. The app that was founded in 2016 has experienced international success and is currently operating in over 15 countries.

A group of Danish activists launched the app in 2016 with the intention of creating a platform that would connect food businesses with customers who were willing to buy surplus food. The goal was to help people buy high-quality food at a discount while also reducing food waste.

The way the app works is that at the end of the day, food businesses can list their surplus food on the app, where customers can buy it at a discount. The food is normally top-notch, nutritious, and would somehow or another have gone to squander. Customers can take part in reducing food waste while enjoying high-quality food at a fraction of the original price by using the app.

To see how good Too Good To Go really is and how it works, the app was tested first-hand and captured in the following video report.

Too Good To Go First-Hand Experience – a video report created with Kinemaster by Sophia Roik on Vimeo

The good thing about the app is that it represents a win-win situation for everybody involved. While businesses can improve their sustainability credentials and reduce their food waste through Too Good To Go, customers can enjoy high-quality food at a lower price. Moreover, the business can save money and avoid throwing away food that is perfectly good by listing their surplus food on the app. This may help them lessen their impact on the environment while also attracting customers who care about the environment.

On the other hand, customers get to enjoy high-quality food at a fraction of the original cost thanks to the app. By purchasing overflow food, they are additionally adding to decreasing food squander and advancing manageability. This is a great way for people to contribute to the fight against food waste and make a difference while doing something great.

The fact that Too Good To Go lets people try new foods and go to new places is another great feature of the App. Since the application records food from various organizations, it gives an open door to clients to evaluate new dishes from cafés and bistros they might not have attempted beforehand. This represents a great option to try new foods and support local businesses at the same time.

In conclusion, Too Good To Go is a novel app that is significantly influencing efforts to reduce food waste. By associating food organizations with clients who will purchase overflow food, the application is assisting with lessening how much food that is squandered every day. All in all, it is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to make a difference and support sustainability. As the App is continually expanding, it is very likely that the App will become a crucial tool in the fight against food waste as it continues to grow and expand.

You can download the app here. (Android user can download it here)
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