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College which was once a Prison! Does Griffith College excite you already?

Photo/Logo: Griffith College

Every College has its own story.  But what if it was once a prison? Yes, Griffith College, Dublin is not only one of the leading colleges but also dates back to 1813. The original buildings are over 200 years old. Imagine being in the classroom with cobbled walls? If that doesn’t fascinate you, then I don’t know what will. 

The college has maintained the infrastructure by combining the rich history of the buildings with the new infrastructures. The campus is huge and has invested on student accommodation and a conference centre that compliment the original buildings.

Some of the most famous inmates were the prisoners here like the nationalist leader Daniel O’Connell who was in the prison for three months in 1843 after his proposed “Monster Meeting” at Clontarf in favour of Repeal of the Union, or Irish self-government, had declared illegal. 

Here’s a short video by Culture Night at Griffith College where the historian John Dorney takes us on a story lane about the prison and its life back in those years.

Video by Culture Night

Apart from that, Griffith College also has a wide range of coarse options to choose from. Its a great place to study and has great industry professionals as the faculty. The facilities are great here and the cultural diversity is huge. The amenities are easily accessible and there is accommodation within the campus. Check out the Griffith website to browse your preferred course you would be interested in. 

What are your thoughts about Griffith College? Would you be excited to study on “once a prison” campus? Let me know in the comments below.

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