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Busking with Sam!

Photo by Maloshree Sanyal for The Circular

Who are Buskers? I’d say, those people who have a longing to see the world while what they love to do. They want to be loved for what they do, for where their passion lies and the immense talent they posses. Playing on the streets for many is a way of making a decent living, they open up so that they can get their name out there in the world and make everyone around them follow their musical adventure. 

Sam Clifford, is one of those aspiring musicians who at such a young age has achieved a name and identity and yet dreams of achieve more and more. His passion and clear vision of his aims is truly a motivation for many. He mostly performs on the famous Graffton Street of Dublin on the weekends while pursuing his studies. When he was asked where he sees himself few years down the lane, he overwhelmingly said he wants to travel the world with his passion for music and want to be noticed by the world. He wants the world to be a part of his journey and wants to continue performing as long as he can.

During the Covid times, they all went through a very rough phase when they couldn’t do what they loved to do and had been emotionally a difficult time. Now that the things are getting back to normal, they all are back with their talents for the world to watch and appreciate them. 

Here’s a short film on what Sam had to say about his love for music, his little story and his dreams.

What do you think about buskers? What kind of street performance is your favourite? Or which street artist do you like or would recommend to go to and listen to in Dublin City? Let us know in the comments below. 🙂

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