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Youth and Dating Apps after the Pandemic

The pandemic has hit us all since the day it broke out last 2020. It has changed the way we used to live, the way we used to work, even the way we used to dress, because everybody knows that now the face mask is an indispensable element in our outfit, even if there are people who, almost two years later, still forget it at home. But have you ever wondered how the pandemic has changed the way we relate to each other?

The human being is a social animal that needs the company of others. Throughout history we have related to each other in different ways. Today, we are going to focus on romantic and/or sexual relationships, which are crucial for the survival of the human race.  The main way in which we have reached others to “flirt” has always been the direct contact in places like bars, clubs or even the supermarket. You see someone you like and if you are brave enough, you approach and introduce yourself and boom, that’s how you start. But what happens when a pandemic hits and forces us all to lock ourselves indoors and keep our distance from others? 

We find another way to keep the contact and meet people. And this is where dating apps and sites like Craigslist Texas come in. Which, in their defense, already existed before the pandemic, but undoubtedly, their great heyday has come thanks to our beloved Covid19.

And it is not me how says it it’s the data analysis from the own companies. Tinder remains the most popular dating app, with 75 million monthly active users and 6.2 million monthly subscribers, followed by Badoo with 60 million and Bumble 20. In March 2020, Tinder recorded its highest number of swipes on a single day: 3 billion. From March to May 2020, OkCupid saw a 700% increase in dates. And over on Bumble, video calls increased by 70%. 

But, what does an expert in psychology thinks about interactions through dating apps?

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