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Will there be a change made in action for violent crimes happening on Talbot Street in Dublin?

Above: Dublin Bus and society in 2018 at O’Connell Bridge. Photo credit: Jackie Costa Ribeiro.

Two men were arrested on the scene and one man has been taken to the Mater Misericordia University Hospital with minor injuries. A fight had broken out in the city center and an attack was made in Dublin on Talbot Street in the late afternoon, yesterday when a group of gangs were armed with knives fighting on the street.

As the attack continued, it was understood that there was a man being chased and injured to Connolly Station by a gang. Witnesses had mentioned that they had saw a man take off and the attackers continued to stab and slice him inside the bookmakers building.

The two men were arrested under the public order and assault incident. Under Section 4 criminal Justice Act 1984. Yet, there is a further investigation to be made on this incident. In the report, the journal mentions, that recently last year in November a similar fight had happened on the same street with only one victim being hospitalized. 

There was a massive debate in July of last year on violent incidents happening on Talbot Street. Yet within the same year, another horrible incident happened in August to an American man, Stephen Termini who was also attacked. 

The journal states, that a report was made on the behalf of the local people giving statements about their concerns on the level of violent incidents. 

Photo by photographer Héloïse Vinale by

Image by Kevin B. showing Garda Officers in Dublin

On Twitter (X), Comments, video footage, and information that is being reported on the crime. Brings many concerns to the public from watching and reading online, who are afraid to shop for their necessities and to live a normal life. Which this is a major concern for the citizens to always keep an eye opening on their ware about for violence happening in Dublin. The horrific of these tragic events happening in this decade is very scary and sad for people to live their own normal life, and affecting innocent lives that are being put at stake.

Reoccurring events has happened a few times before and around that area. Not much justice has been taken place to be changed in the eyes of the public. Where they could feel safe in the areas that they shop in through their daily lives. 

Photo by unsplash

It’s unfortunately the government has yet to make a change in the community, where people can feel secured and safe to stop these vicious crimes from happening time to time again. Can the government be hold accountable to take an action in this era? This is a public issue that needs to be fixed soon or more and more tragic events such, as violent crimes will keep happening.

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