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Why is the internet obsessed with Julia Fox 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Julia Fox, a relatively unknown actress who starred alongside Adam Sandler in ‘Uncut Gems’ (optional pronunciation of Jahms)  first came to internet fame back in January when she began a short but extremely publicised relationship with Kanye West. Hot off his divorce with Kim Kardashian and the surrounding drama, the story was picked up far and wide. Julia was catapulted into pop culture and suddenly people were googling “who is Julia Fox?”

The romance with West ended after a mere 6 weeks, but the associated fame for Miss Fox did not. Such is her notoriety on the internet she even has her own eye makeup filter on TikTok. 

The now iconic ‘uncut gems’ video was the first meme-ification of Fox and since then her profile has gone from strength to strength all over the internet but particularly on TikTok.

It all began with #uncutgems.

However Julia Fox’s interviews continued to go viral as did her specific eye makeup.

Recently at the Oscars she spoke about wearing ‘real human hair’, shortly the sound was again trending on TikTok and so the meme-ification continued.

As is the nature of the internet, soon the sound was used for anything and everything.


sidenote ive been practicing my addison rae nose scrunch

♬ original sound – Saint Hoax

What is it about Julia Fox that draws people in and gives her such trending potential? It could be that she’s refreshingly open and perhaps a bit of an oddity in Hollywood. Born in Milan in 1990, the actress openly admits to working as a dominatrix at one point, she’s casual about the fact that she has dated billionaires her whole life, coupled with her unique fashion choices and the fact she’s a single mother to a 1 year old – she is unapologetic about her lifestyle and courts fame unabashedly.

Based on her media appearances she seems to be lapping her new-found fame up, and either she doesn’t have a publicist or they give her a lot of leeway to say what ever crosses her mind which is perhaps part of the appeal. Her most recent viral appearance was based on her response to a journalist who enquired about her upcoming book, Fox claimed it was a masterpiece before conceding it had yet to be finished.


The life we’re building together is spectacular but like, I can’t talk about it yet

♬ original sound – Pagesix

Love her or hate her, Fox could give a masterclass on how to go from relative unknown to international fame in a period just shy of 4 months. On other viral news, you will be in disbelief in articles such as Jimmy John Shark.

The fact that noone really knows what she’s famous for is irrelevant to her legions of TikTok fans, for now the internet is saturated with Julia Fox and it doesn’t look set to change anytime soon.

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