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Why Ireland is the new hub for international students ?

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Ireland’s education system is one of the advanced in the world, and there are numerous reasons to study here. Schools and universities are worldwide networked, and graduates of Irish educational institutions can pursue a variety of vocations around the world. Ireland is a small island nation off the coast of Europe. After Great Britain, it is the continent’s second largest island. It’s also known for its lovely green scenery, intriguing history, and welcoming people. Ireland has one of the highest educational standards in the world, with seven top-tier universities and a focus on research and global collaboration. Ireland in the recent years have become the new hub for international students with the introduction of visa extension opportunities for non EEA students after completing their course.

  1. Ireland is an excellent area for learning English.

The English language has now established itself as the worldwide business language. Ireland is one of the few English-speaking countries in the European Union, and living and studying there is an excellent way to develop your listening and speaking skills. When you come in Ireland, you will instantly notice that the Irish are wonderful conservationists and enjoy chatting. If you don’t know the local lingo, it might be easy to get lost in a conversation. Don’t worry, we have a thorough slang guide for living in Ireland.

Photo by Jane Last on Unsplash

2. Safety for International Students

The Irish take great satisfaction in the warm welcome they extend to newcomers visiting the Emerald Isle. The Irish people’s kindness and hospitality contribute substantially to overseas students’ ease of adjustment to student life in Ireland. Ireland’s reputation as a secure country has attracted over 35,000 international students from 161 nations to study here.

3. Employment Opportunities

Ireland is a place of opportunities, with numerous large global corporations based there. Ireland is the second most desirable country for FDI after Singapore, with huge businesses like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, GSK, Pfizer, and others establishing European headquarters here. As a result, many overseas students have chosen to stay in Ireland after graduation because of the abundance of job options available.

4. Places to Travel

Apart from all reasons, Ireland is blessed with natural beauty. Thus, is a great destination for travelers.

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