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What foreigners know about France ?

photo from pexels from Anthony Beck

photo from pexels from Anthony Beck

France is a country that is very famous worldwide for its cultural diversity, arts nais, culinary, architectural.
It is obvious when a stranger does not really know the culture, the way of life, he has stereotypes, learned.


Five stereotypes about France that I think are completely untrue #france #french #americaninfrance #frenchstereotypes #livinginfrance

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In this tik tok, we observe a woman who explains the false clichés that foreigners have about France and the French.
She explqieu with her experiences since she lives in France and recalls the truth about the French.
For example, she explains that foreigners think that French people smell bad, and then gives her version. It restores the truth that they eat a lot of snails.

they also explain that according to each culture and country, people do not act and perceive things in the same way, so if the French seem vicious or cold, it is perhaps because their culture and lifestyle encourage them to be so.

In this video, several people have been invited to respond to the stereotypes that each country has about their own. Indians, Scots, Indonesians, Mexicans and Americans represent different cultures. This video is a different approach to tackling cultural issues!

Today I’ve decided to present one of my video projects on the subject of stereotypes about foreigners. Being French, I wanted to understand what stereotypes foreigners have about the French. So I interviewed several people in the street, of different nationalities, and decided to ask them various questions about France. To counter the often similar and very ‘clichéd’ answers about France, in the second half of the video I inserted videos from my own film to show how I, as a French person, lived and saw France.

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