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Visual masterpiece: review of the Dune: Part 2

The release of «Dunes 2» turned out to be a success: excellent performances, high ratings, the unplanned debut of Ani Tyler-Joy – absolute grace without a single competitor capable of pushing the picture into the race for the title of the main film 2024
In general, the film turned out as beautiful and atmospheric as the first part. Music, pictures and costumes are fascinating. It’s all tasteful, the actors are all very beautiful and I’d like to celebrate Austin Butler’s performance, he had very little dialogue, but he was able to create the image of a tough and at the same time attractive villain, I would like to see more of him during the movie.

The new film works as a straight line – as direct as possible – the sequel, that is, pretends that there was not just a three-year pause between the two parts, but even a three-minute break to change the reels with film or files in the player. At the end of the first ribbon, the hero Timothy Chalame, having glanced once at Zendeia, firmly and clearly decides to go on a quest for fate deep in the desert, and by the beginning of the second part of their reorganized squad has time to get only to the neighboring barkhan – the first semantic stop the viewer still has to wait. The last remark is a kind of quintessence of «Dune 2», if the essence of the impressions had to be reduced to one line: it is a really slow film.

hose viewers who will see in this characteristic Villneuve’s “handwriting” and will be right: conflicts expressed visually, in the new «Dune» increasingly appear to be more important than philosophical disputes of the text Herbert original, burdening the director with the need to express them in words. The picture is immeasurably resourceful in the study of the confrontation between warm, living Fremen and cold, machine-like Harkonnen, constantly rushing into detailed visual studies of the life of the two peoples.

But this is the value of a new reading: such a shift of emphasis, probably, may surprise fans of the original text, but within the framework of the philosophy of a particular director, it works perfectly. So was «Blade Runner 2049» – heavy, slow, silent, not answering questions – and even, in general, not directly asking them, but leaving for every attentive viewer plenty of topics for further reflection
Also «Dune» in the new interpretation did not lose the original meaning. The seeker will always find and mark in the checklist biblical motives and political intrigues, and environmental problems.

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