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Twitter and Instagram Takes on Places Around the World that Live Up to Their Hype

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Travelling is an activity that everyone must try at least once in their lifetime. There are so many beautiful cities to see and people to meet, waiting for you if you can get off your couch. If you are a travel enthusiast like me, then I am sure you have had experiences of travelling to cities that did not satisfy your curiosity as much as you thought it would.

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People who engage in travelling a lot have fallen victim to such an experience. To be safe, and enjoy an experience worth trying again, I have drafted out a list of cities that live up to their hype if you decide to go there one day.

Source: YouTube. Top 10 Must Visit Cities Around the World from Mojo

I know that selecting a city to plan a vacation to can be tough. With all the many beautiful pictures surfacing on the internet, and all the gossip from the coffee shop, you are concerned about spending your money on a journey that is worth the trip and the expenses. Since travelling is a mixture of money and experiences combined, you want to avoid an episode where you have to rant about a gruesome or uncomfortable experience in your travelling catalogue.

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There are plenty of cities that have been tried and true. Just like the popular destinations like Paris or Rome or New York City, other destinations have been getting a lot of hype.

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Norway has a lot of cities that are worth seeing. Water is free in Norway, and it has a one-of-a-kind visibility experience especially in cities like Sogn og Fjordane and Bergen. The Banff National Park in Canada is also a popular destination for campers, hikers, and RV owners. Purchase your first RV at The 2500 miles of mountains, trails, and lake experience puts the city on the top list of cities that are worth visiting. Edinburgh, Scotland is replete with lots of activities if you fancy visiting. The city has been noted to include a rich array of nightlife activities coupled with beautiful museums and galleries that brings life to the city.

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You want to travel to an exotic destination so you can post some Jaw-dropping images on your Instagram. You want to escape from your reality of a boring routine and enjoy an incredible new experience. Get ready to cross it off your bucket list.

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Get ready to slip into the memories that you have been aching for. In the video below are some popular destinations that promise to offer you a surreal experience for a long time.

Source: YouTube. 25 Best Places to Visit in Europe from Your Opia.
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