Top Tips for Youngsters Starting College

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Its getting to that time of year for leaving cert students. The dreaded exams that “decide your whole future” commence in 4 weeks time. If you are one if the unlucky few who have to sit in the traditional leaving cert exams this year, take a break from the studying for a moment and have a read through these top tips for when you commence college in the autumn.

1. Don’t go mad on the beer on freshers week

The nightlife experience of college is a wonderful thing for most students. You have 3 or 4 years of constantly going out on “Thirsty Thursdays” or “Mad Mondays”. Freshers week is often an introduction to this type of lifestyle. Students are excited to be away from home for the first time. They want to go out with their new friends from their course and have a great time. However it can go wrong. That first week there will be loads of events and parties on but take your time because there is nothing as damaging to your confidence as a student as making a fool of yourself on the first week of college. Take your time, there’s no need to go out every night, and if you do make sure your well hydrated, fed and pacing yourself.

2. Keep yourself nourished

If you have moving out for the first time, keeping yourself fed with no cooking skills is going to be a challenge. Especially on a student budget. A golden rule is to always shop at Aldi or Lidl. Its just so much cheaper to get good quality food that will keep you well nourished. Don’t fall into the trap of living off pot noodles and toasted cheese sandwiches. Download an app called tasty. This is a life saver in terms of easy simple recipes that anyone can do.

3. Enjoy the college experience

Once your degree is complete you have to go out into the big bad world and make a career for yourself. So make sure to treasure the college experience, Join society’s, make new friends, go to diceys, coppers, camden, experience it all and enjoy. The time flies by, and once your sitting at a desk in a few years time, you will be able to look back at your college memories with fondness

Now just as an extra bit of motivation, here’s a tiktok I made to promote Griffith College using the viral Louis Theroux trend. as the below shows, You never know what you’re going to end up doing during college, but give every opportunity a go.


Go to griffith college ye scallywags @griffithcollege #lcstudents #collage #fyp

♬ original sound – Tom Gannon
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