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Top games I played during lockdown.

Photo by Igor Karimov on Unsplash

Unlike other people who used their time during lockdown to hone a new skill or work on self-improvement, I decide to see how much games one person can play. Turns out it’s quite a bit. I tried playing mobile game apps like the hungry shark evolution mod redmoonpie game which is super fun!

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Here are a few of my favourite games I played during that time (in no particular order)

No.1 God of War.

God of War is technically the fourteenth outing for Kratos, but acts as a stand-alone game just like those you can find at kiss 918. The game takes its traditional hack and slash style and ups the ante. Enemies are much more dangerous and harder to kill. One must effectively master the quick dodge and blocking abilities if they’re to stand any chance. If you’re looking for games where you can earn real money, check out 벳엔드 환전 today.

But that by no means makes Kratos feel underpowered. After a few hours of mastering the controls casting aside enemies like some sort of Greek John Wick. The story is just as good as the gameplay and some of my favourite moments of the game are the interactions between Kratos and his young son Artreus.

Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljic both do an exceptional job at voicing these characters, highlighting that compelling and compassionate stories are no longer exclusive to the silver screen

With God of War: Ragnarok set to be released in September of this year, I could not recommend playing this game more (if you haven’t already).

No.2 Super Mario Sunshine

If you’re looking for a nostalgia trip look no further than the re-release of Super Mario Sunshine on the Nintendo Switch.

The game feels and controls exactly as it did when it was released for the Nintendo Game-Cube back in 2002 and that’s definitely not a bad thing. This game serves as a gentle reminder of just how difficult games used to be in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

So be prepared to get your platforming chops tested. Some levels can be brutal but the sense of achievement from beating them definitely makes it worthwhile.

Pairing that with the tropical paradise the game is set in makes it one you should definitely check out. Also, the use of casa de apuestas apps would allow you to place bets wherever you are, not being tied to your laptop or desktop computer.

No.3 Subnautica

In Subnautica you find yourself as the sole survivor of a spaceship crash-landing on an alien planet. The twist is that the planets terrain is completely underwater. You must venture further and further into the depths of the ocean to find the resources that will help you escape your doom.

This brings thalassophobia to a whole new level. I found myself having to build up the courage to leave my underwater base on multiple occasions, in fear of what creatures lurking in the expanses of water surrounding me.

If you’re a fan survival and crafting games, this one’s for you.

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