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The Nigerian movie industry has come a long way from where they started, from storylines about the prince falling in love with a poor village girl to blockbuster movies, and energy-thrilling movies. So if you are tired of endlessly scrolling on Netflix and you need something new, or you just want to unwind and kick back after a long day. Here are some Nollywood movies that will keep you wanting more.

A tribe called Judah official thriller by FAAN TV.

A tribe called Judah (2023)

Get your popcorn and tissues ready. This is a tear-jerking, emotion-filled comedy with lots of scenes to keep you wanting more. This is the first Nigerian film to gross over 1 billion naira at the box office. With director Funke Akindele, who also starred in the movie. It’s story about family and redemption, one that shows the bond between brothers and the love despite their differences. This story potrays the adventures of a single mother Jedidah Judah played by( Funke Akindele) who had 5 sons from different fathers from different parts of Nigeria. They all lived together despite their differences all protective of their mother until a medical emergency lead them into the world of crime. The five son planned a heist which didn’t turn out as expected. Sit back, relax and enjoy this movie as it’ll take you on a roller coaster of emotional shuffling.

King of Boys official thriller by Netflix

King of boys (2018)

This movie checks all the boxes of what a crime thriller is supposed to be, following the story of Eniola salami (played by Sola Sobowale). The story shows her rise and fall from grace in her pursuit of political power. The story shows how our main actor is a woman who is an underground Mafia lord on a street throne, She plays a dangerous game which costs her so many things. This film has a sequel which has been released as a mini-series (King of Boys: The Return of the King). If you want to have a movie night with some friends, this is a must-watch because this movie calls for conversations and sometimes yelling at the TV.

Breath of life official thriller By prime video

Breath of Life 2023

Masterpiece, This movie explores the story of a Man (played by Wale Ojo) who was exceptionally bright and religious. Due to a crime against his family, he shut out the world and lived in isolation but along came a young preacher Elijah who changed his entire world. The story is one of love and renewed hope, a story of family that do not share blood but bond. It keeps you fixed to your screen, leaving your eyes just a bit blurry.

Anikulapo official teaser By Netflix

Anikulapo 2022

If you’d like to explore Nigerian scenery and folklore, this is the movie for you. This is a fantasy drama filled with twist and turns, it follows the story of Saro (played by Kunle Remi). A stranger new in the town of Oyo, he is a traditional textile weaver who caught the eye of the king’s wife. They started a relationship but it didn’t last long as the king later discovered their secret and sentenced Saro to death, Saro was resurrected by a mystical bird and he got a gourd containing the gift of life. They flee to a distance village and he started using the gourd to save lives which gained him the name “Anikulapo” meaning “one who holds death in his pouch”. This story is one of revenge and betrayal, it gives a fill of old Nigeria and how people lived back then. Sit back, relax and enjoy the vibrant colors of Nigerian story telling.

Gangs of Lagos official thriller By prime video

Gangs of Lagos(2023)

Action!! Action!! Action!! This movie is an Action-packed crime thriller about a group of childhood friends who grew up in a part of Lagos Nigeria known as Isaleko. It follows the story of a young boy, Obalola (played by Tobi Bakre). The boy grew up with an overprotective mother and had lost his father to crime, but he ventured into crime from a young age as he was caught stealing and brought before the street ruler. There he caught the eyes of one of the gang leaders who took him in and adopted him as his son but the man was later found dead and Obalola was left to fend for himself by working with a wicked crime boss. He later discovered that his adopted father was murdered by his supposed boss and this lead him to a spree of revenge and chaos. This is a story of betrayal, anger, and revenge. It keeps you glued to the screen with an urge to know what happens next.

The Nigerian movie industry has rapidly grown and their progress has not gone unnoticed, These movies are just but a few of the masterpieces released constantly by Nollywood. Have you seen any of these films? If not then give it a go and let me know what you think. Do not forget your popcorn and your box of tissues because these movies will keep you entertained but some will leave your eyes blurry.

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  1. I’d recommend all five of them to anyone looking for top tier Nigerian movies. I have watched all of them, and I certainly did not regret it.

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