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5 of the best ideas for saving humanity from climate change. 

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Experts say, given the short timeline humanity has to slash greenhouse gas emissions that have given Earth a fever, some may argue that the ideas contained in this article might not be very efficient. 

1. Bring back the woolly mammoths 

On top of our list is the exciting idea of bringing back our beloved friend from the ice age “Manfred”.

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A company named “Colossal’ De-extinction” attempts to build a hybrid species between a woolly mammoth (Manfred)  and its distant relative, the two share a common ancestor: the Asian elephant, which is also an endangered species by the way. 

Having the mammoths back might not save humankind but we will definitely have a great craic! 

2. Colonise Mars 

The second on our list is the idea of colonizing Mars. 

Although we might be on a brick of extinction, billions can be expended on colonizing other planets, specifically the red planet. Instead of worrying about efficient/boring manners, we could save the blue one. 

The idea of having a “backup” planet in case humanity fails to achieve a solution to global climate change collectively. There would be possible survivors on the red planet. 

 On top of that, investing in such an adventure, some argue, would bring scientific accomplishments that could be, possibly, used on let’s say the planet we currently live on. Like a productive procrastination

3. De-farting the cows 

Cows emit vast quantities of methane, which heats the planet. Let’s face it, they are destroying our way of living!

Instead of confronting the beef problem head-on and reducing our consumption, animal burping is just one of many issues cattle production puts forth on earth. But it’s being decided to focus strictly on the farting issue and face that “head-covered”. 

The use of feeds that are highly digestible, like corn and distiller grains, is easier to digest than grass or hay. And less farting will come as a result. And we can continue enjoying our happy meal. 

4. Taking medicine

The idea of changing human genetics, so we would find salad great fun, and meat would just taste bad, like salad. 

Along with other ideas, S. Matthew Liao proposes the idea in his article, as well as in his TED talk on the theme suggesting that pharmacologically enhancing altruism and empathy by developing a “prosocial hormone” so people might finally pay attention to the problem. 

There’s nothing wrong with us, it’s just that we are not taking our meds. 

5. Being in the present moment.

Some may still believe that the earth can regenerate itself, or that the whole scenario we are experiencing was just created by China. Like this great “twitterhead” from the 20th century said once.

You can always just be in the present moment. And focus on your daily things instead of stressing about stuff.  And depending on where you are right now, you should be grand. (probably not). 

Just be in the present and we can be all alone in this together.

During the making of this list some ideas had to be left behind, is there anything I’m missing? please let me know!

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