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Top 5 features of Instagram that you probably don’t know

Photo by Claudio Schwarz for Unsplash

Instagram, which is one of the most popular social media platforms, has dozens of features. Of course, these features are also separated according to their functions. Some of the features are designed to improve the quality of your stories, while others are designed to increase your overall Instagram experience. There are more features than you can imagine on the popular social media platform, full of interesting and hidden features that are not always easy to find.

Photo by Claudio Schwarz for Unsplash

While normal users are limited to using stunning features, users who learn these features have an, even more, fun and productive time while using the application. If you want to have even more fun and productive time while using it, you can start exploring the following features.

  • 1. Tag other users to your story without ruining your photo

You’ve uploaded a photo to Stories and you want to tag someone, but is the image so flawless that nothing will be added? You have two other options. One is tagging after sharing. After sharing your story, go to the settings of that story by clicking on the three dots on the right bottom of your screen. Then, click to add mentions.

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The other one is swiping the tag text to the outside of the screen. It will disappear even though you still have the tag. Easy peasy!

Photo by Elif Ipek Demir for
  • 2. Maintaining photo and video quality

You have probably noticed how much the quality of photos or videos shared as stories on Instagram decreases. To minimize this quality loss, follow the “Settings > Account > Data Usage” path and enable the “High-Quality Downloads” option.

When you follow this path, the compression ratio applied when publishing a story will decrease. Although this does not make a huge difference, it significantly reduces the quality loss.

  • 3. Seeing posts that you’ve liked

Did you know that you can see your whole interactions? Tap the ”Your Activity“ option, and open the ”Interactions“ section. Moreover, you can see your other activities like account history, recent researches, and links you’ve visited.

Photo by Elif Ipek Demir for
  • 4. Using Instagram Reels templates for easier editing

Is it hard for you to use Instagram Reels? Try this hack!

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  • 5. Instagram profile QR codes

Trying to spell your name to the person that you want to share your profile with is a struggle sometimes. To avoid mistakes and spending minutes. you can use your Instagram QR code and share it with people. To find your QR code, click on the three dots in the right-up corner of your profile page and click ‘QR code’.

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After that, your QR code will pop up. You can even change the background of the code!

Photo by Elif Ipek Demir for

I hope that these features improved your Instagram journey. Don’t forget to let me know If you used them or not by commenting below. Feel free to ask me more questions about the features!

Also, for more features, you can check this Youtube video;

Modern Millie

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