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Top 3 things to do in Frankfurt

Photo by juv from Pexels

Photo by Bruno Glätsch from Pexels

Frankfurt is home to the European central bank and a finance-oriented city in Germany. Although some COVID-19 restrictions are still in place, such as wearing a mask indoors, there are many attractions that can be done in the city. Check out the TOP 3 things to do in Frankfurt below.

But before the list, did you know that the official name of the city is Frankfurt am Main? That’s because the city is around the river Main.


Photo by Giorgi Iremadze from Pexels

The Main Tower is a 200-meter-high building where you can climb to the top and have a privileged view of the entire city of Frankfurt. The panoramic view looks like a movie set where you can see the contrast of modern architecture with the old that surrounds the city.

The adult ticket costs €9 and the student €6. For group trips, the attraction offers some discounts.


The Eiserner Steg Bridge, or in English Iron Footbridge, is 174 meters long and is perfect for a walk as a couple as couples usually leave padlocks with their names or initials attached to the bridge.

The tip is to try to visit the point at sunset because the view is even more romantic.


If you like going to pubs, be sure to visit the Sachsenhausen district mainly because of the streets full of bars and restaurants. The area is also known as the maca district where you can find the famous Apfelwein, maca wine. If you find metallic stretchers on the streets, it means you are in the right place.

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